Bobby Schuller PreachingBobby Schuller is the lead pastor of Shepherd’s Grove Church in Irvine, California. BOBBY SCHULLER MINISTRIES™ is the teaching ministry of pastor Bobby Schuller. The ministry exists to profess the timeless truth that everyone is loved by God and deserves dignity. Here at BOBBY SCHULLER MINISTRIES™ we seek to connect people with God so that they can lead transformed lives as happy and whole students of Jesus Chris. In doing this, they will lead joyful and fulfilling lives rooted in the promises of God.  BOBBY SCHULLER MINISTRIES™ does this through teaching there main tenants.


BOBBY SCHULLER MINISTRIES™ teaches that everyone deserves dignity because everyone is loved by God. Teachings of Bobby Schuller reflects how God’s love fulfills this great human need. The love and dignity that we as human beings have are a direct reflection of the love God showed by sending his Son for us. BOBBY SCHULLER MINISTRIES™ creates content to empower God’s followers to share His love with the world.


The Christian life is inherently a happy life. BOBBY SCHULLER MINISTRIES™ teaches that as we encounter the life-changing person of Jesus and seek to mold our lives to be like Him, we are transformed to be genuinely happy people.


BOBBY SCHULLER MINISTRIES™ teaches that all Christians are called to influence the “15 feet of space around them.” Bobby Schuller shares that by influencing that 15 feet, the world can be changed and permeated with the love of God. Bobby Schuller teaches this on the pulpit of Shepherd’s Grove to a local congregation and it also is sent to a global congregation through the Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller.

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